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Welcome to the new SHARE Title IX website

Check out our current policies on addressing sexual misconduct under Title IX.

Ambassador Program

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We encourage everyone passionate about changing campus culture around sexuality and relationships to join regardless of experience and inclusive of all identities and class years. Additionally, we encourage students to join even if they are limited in how much time they are able to commit. 

What are the expectations of a SHARE Ambassador?

  • Support awareness months through volunteering at events, creating promotional materials, advertising SHARE educational content, and more. 
  • Promote SHARE events and educational opportunities in your communities, such as campus organizations, residences, and neighborhoods. 
  • Commitment Time: Commitment time can vary based on an ambassador’s availability and wishes. Ambassadors may help out a couple times a month, or offer consistent weekly support during awareness months. 

What can I gain from this experience?

  • Access SHARE educational materials to build comprehensive knowledge across a variety of topics related to sexual/relationship violence prevention and awareness. 
  • Connect with professional and student staff who are passionate about promoting healthy sexuality and relationships on campus. 
  • Meaningfully impact the campus community by promoting awareness about sexual and relationship violence, stalking, sexual harassment, and gender-based discrimination.
  • Provide input to shape the SHARE Title IX vision and impact. 
  • Become a better resource in your community and learn how to support those around you.  

Sign-up to Be an Ambassador Here: