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Ambassador Program

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The SHARE Education Team is looking for members of the Stanford community who are passionate about promoting healthy sexuality and relationships on campus. The SHARE Ambassadorship is a project-based volunteer opportunity that forms an integral part of furthering SHARE Ed’s mission of creating a more caring and empathetic community. As an Ambassador, you have the chance to bolster your learning about sexual/relationship violence and turn your knowledge into impactful action and content, all while building community and mentorship.

We encourage everyone passionate about changing campus culture around sexuality and relationships to apply regardless of experience, gender, identity, or class year.

What are the expectations of a SHARE Ambassador?

  • Complete SHARE trainings and familiarize yourself with our educational content asynchronously through engaging with SHARE Ed videos, newsletters, & website.
  • Work on projects in groups relating to Awareness Month support and programming, community outreach, social media promotion, and topic-specific research.
    • Examples: (1) Create map of offices, shelters, specialty lawyers, advocacy groups, therapists on and near Stanford. (2) Create an Instagram photo campaign for Healthy Relationships month (what does SHARE Cares mean to them? What is a healthy relationship?). (3) Write a personal reflection/story about why they care about consent, etc. (or any topic related to our office) to be included in one of our newsletters.
  • Engage with SHARE Ed student staff through mentorship, project assistance, and collaborative content.
  • Commitment Time: Approximately 2 hours per week but will fluctuate depending on project

What can I gain from this experience?

  • Build comprehensive knowledge across a variety of topics (e.g. sexual/relationship violence prevention and awareness, building a culture of consent, supporting survivors, etc)
  • Connect with professional and student staff who are passionate about promoting healthy sexuality and relationships on campus
  • Have a meaningful and important impact on the campus community and culture by promoting awareness about sexual and relationship violence, stalking, sexual harassment, and gender-based discrimination.
  • Insider view into higher-level SHARE programming and vision, and access to spheres to give your input and be a part of shaping this vision
  • Become a better resource in your community and friend around supporting disclosures and supporting people through difficult times