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Meet the Flip the Script Facilitators

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Candice Kim

Headshot of Candice Kim

Candice is an MD/PhD student at Stanford School of Medicine and Stanford Graduate School of Education. Her research strives to develop evidence-based curricula in medical education, studying best practices for teaching disciplinary-specific problem solving and creating an inclusive learning environment. She earned her BS and MS in Biology from Stanford University and has taught courses/workshops in stem cell biology, creative writing, diversity and inclusion, social justice, and more

Chloe Hart

Headshot of Chloe Hart

Chloe is a PhD candidate in the sociology department. Her research explores gender and sexuality in organizations from a social psychological perspective.

Preeti Srinivasan

Headshot of Preeti

Preeti is a PhD student in Organizational Behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Her research focuses on altruism and prosocial behavior within organizations, specifically focusing on how to use these behaviors to combat systemic inequity and to promote diversity and inclusion. When she's not in lab, she's usually going to the theater, reading historical fiction novels, or hunting down the perfect dessert.

Sarah Kramer

Headshot of Sarah Kramer

B.A. San Francisco State University - Sociology & Sexuality Studies
M.A. Stanford University - Policy, Organization, & Leadership Studies

I have a mission to advocate for more resilient, compassionate, and intimate people.  My work in sex education and gender violence prevention is grounded in applied Feminist and Social Justice pedagogies.  We can create pro-social conditions that nurture growth by understanding our social histories and identities, and by examining our personal values and aligning our behaviors to match.  When we live by respectful values, we can reduce the harm we cause one another and begin to heal.  My ultimate goals are to foster inclusive communities and support those impacted by histories of violence, marginalization, and oppression, and to create healthier social norms that affirm fulfilling sexual, intimate, and loving relationships.

As an educator, I use scientific literature and best practices to create equitable curriculums, programs, tools, and resources.  In both structured classrooms and in impromptu opportunities, I help people of all ages develop skills to sustain healthy relationships with others.  As an advocate, I assist survivors seeking support, resources, and justice in the aftermath of abuse and assault.  Through the Flip the Script program at Stanford, I teach undergraduate womxn to successfully identify and resist sexual coercion and assault, ensuring they overcome powerful social and emotional barriers that inhibit their use of self-defense.