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Check out our current policies on addressing sexual misconduct under Title IX.


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The PEERs (Prevent, Educate, Empower, Refer) are paid student health educators that Prevent harms, Educate about holistic health and well-being, Empower our community, and Refer students to campus resources. They are trained in the fundamentals of public health as it relates to the following topic areas: substance use, sexual citizenship, and health promotion.

PEERs promote an integrated model of health and well-being that recognizes these topics do not exist within a vacuum of one another.  They are educators who can speak to the nuances of where topics overlap and diverge and how they directly relate to the student experience.

You’ll see PEERs facilitating workshops and programming throughout various campus communities and within neighborhoods. You may also find them tabling during national awareness events.

Any student organization, house/dorm, is able to request a PEER led workshop. Fill out the workshop request form here:

Visit to learn more about the PEERs.

Please feel free to reach out to Natalie Thomas ( and Nadia Kalley ( with questions.

The PEERs program is a collaboration between the Office of Substance Use Programs Education and Resources (SUPER) and the SHARE Education Team, with support from Well-being at Stanford.