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SHARE Title IX Announcements

Note: 2023 is a re-training year on Sexual Harassment Prevention (SHP) for all faculty and supervisory staff on Sexual Harassment Prevention. Learn more about the supervisor/faculty online SHP training by clicking here.


Update: The non-contingent employee population (including casuals, Stanford temporary employees, and student employees) will be migrated to the even-year retraining cycle for 2024. Contingent employees who completed the sexual harassment prevention training in 2021 will be required to complete a bridge course in 2023 to comply with the State mandate.

Front entrance of Kingscote Gardens Building with overhanging trees

Who We Are

The SHARE (Sexual Harassment/Assault Response & Education) Title IX Office is the University’s central resource for redressing and preventing sexual harassment and violence issues experienced by all Stanford community members. Formed in September of 2020, the SHARE Title IX Office brings together in collaboration the teams of the former Title IX, SHPO, and SARA Offices.

[depicted is Kingscote Gardens, where the SHARE Title IX Office is located]

Welcome to the SHARE Title IX Office

We are committed to creating educational programming for a variety of audiences, providing a variety of supportive measures, conducting impartial and trauma-informed investigations of complaints, facilitating informal resolutions, and ensuring compliance with state and federal mandates. We invite all campus community members to increase their awareness, prevent violence where they can, and foster a culture of safety and respect. 

Submit a Report

There are many ways to make a report to the SHARE Office, including using the link below. Submitting a report via the link below is not the same as submitting a Formal Complaint as required by the Title IX Procedure, but it will allow the SHARE Response Team to reach out to the Complainant with resources and support.


Stanford requires all faculty, staff, postdocs, and students to complete sexual harassment prevention programs. Find which online course you are required to complete as well as how to enroll in your assigned course. These courses are vital to community efforts to build a safe and healthy environment for all of our community members. 

Help and Support

If you have experienced sexual and/or relationship violence, stalking, sexual harassment, and/or gender-based discrimination, there are a variety of resources available to assist you.

Get Informed

Access our library of resources to learn about supporting survivors, preventing bystander effect, self defense, what to do if you're a concerned friend/colleague/family member, and more. 


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