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SHARE Title IX Announcements

We have heard numerous reports of concern about the messaging in White Plaza around acts of sexual violence connected with the events in Israel and Palestine; and we understand that exposure to these messages can be triggering for those who have experience with sexual misconduct. 


For those impacted and needing support, please visit this site or continue to reach out to the SHARE Title IX Office directly. The Confidential Support Team and YWCA are also available to support anyone affected.

Know your Yeses & Nos

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“Yes” and “No” are some of the simplest words in any language, and they are arguably the most important. We can all think of times in our lives where we are a big YES to something, and we can all think of times where we are a big NO to something. We can also probably recall times where we’ve been entirely unclear if we are a “yes” or a “no,” or even felt them simultaneously (psychologists call that “ambivalence”). 

That’s why it’s important to tune into the part of us that discerns our yeses and nos -- get acquainted with it, start a dialogue with it. What do those big YESes feel like? What do those big NOs feel like? And where is that voice coming from, especially when it’s harder to discern?

Take some time with the worksheet here to reflect on the yeses and nos you can discern ahead of time, and then learn about how you can practice discerning yeses and nos in the moment, as your life is unfolding in real time.

Let us know what you discover!

Download a pdf of the below images: 

yesno.bse2022.pdf (139.93 KB)
image of pdf file linked above
image of pdf file linked above