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SHARE Title IX Announcements

We have heard numerous reports of concern about the messaging in White Plaza around acts of sexual violence connected with the events in Israel and Palestine; and we understand that exposure to these messages can be triggering for those who have experience with sexual misconduct. 


For those impacted and needing support, please visit this site or continue to reach out to the SHARE Title IX Office directly. The Confidential Support Team and YWCA are also available to support anyone affected.

Beyond Sex Ed

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Image of an iceberg, with an arrow pointing to the above-water part of the iceberg saying, "sex, orientation, genitals," and the below-water part of the iceberg saying "SO MUCH MORE," referring to just how much more there is to sexuality than what we initially assume. The image is titled Beyond Sex Ed: Consent & Sexuality at Stanford.

Beyond Sex Ed: Consent and Sexuality at Stanford is a transformative experience for incoming frosh and transfer undergraduates at Stanford, which features personal stories from current students, supported by a framework for thinking about sexuality interpersonally and culturally.  

Students collaborated with Stanford’s SHARE Office to create this program, which asks students to intentionally develop their sexual citizenship. Beyond Sex Ed provides a thoughtful space to learn about, discuss and share stories of sexuality, reflecting students’ lived experiences as well as the surrounding systems of culture that influence those experiences. The program’s underlying philosophy is to engage the culture from the inside, out: cultivating empathy, agency, and growth in community.

The inaugural Beyond Sex Ed program was held in fall of 2016.

Artwork for the program was custom made by Eva Jordan. To contact Eva, email