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Above & Beyond Sex Ed for Juniors and Seniors

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Hello Juniors & Seniors!

It is our commitment as a community to develop our sexual citizenship: develop positive sexuality and end inequities that result in sexual and relationship violence, stalking, gender discrimination, and sexual harassment. Toward that end, we will be continuing the conversation with you about sex, sexuality, intimacy, & relationships that we started in Beyond Sex Ed.

For background, the ASSU passed a resolution in 2020 supporting required sexual violence prevention education for all 4 years of the undergraduate experience. The SHARE Title IX Advisory Subcouncil for Prevention Education approved the development of a program just for juniors and seniors in March 2021 and it was supported by the Provost.

You will receive a STARS message regarding your required participation in the virtual Above & Beyond Sex Ed program. Your required participation will be entirely online, although we highly encourage that you gather in community (with roommates, team members, fellow student org members) to have a discussion afterward using our Conversation Circle guide.

While the expectation is formal, we are looking forward to engaging in this conversation with you. The program will give us ideas to think about, common language and practical tools we can use, and stories from fellow students to prompt us in meaningful conversation as a community.

We are committed to continue co-developing education with students, so please let us know what you liked and ideas you have for improvement and future efforts by emailing Carley Flanery, Director of Prevention Education for Students, at

The SHARE Title IX Office team

Stanford Sexual Violence Supportive Measures and Resources Infographic
Sexual Violence Support & Resources