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Special Situations: Do I need to take this course?

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1. I am not a supervisor

You may have been identified as a supervisor based on your job code, or if you are listed in the PeopleSoft "Reports To" field as a supervisor.  If so, you must complete this training requirement whether or not you supervise.


2. I completed the training program in 2022

All Stanford employees, including faculty, supervisory, academic staff, and postdocs are required to train every two years. For example, if you become a supervisor at Stanford in 2022, you needed to complete this training within 30 days to comply with state law. Unfortunately, that does not exempt you from the university-wide training requirement in 2023. After 2023 you will be on the two-year repeat cycle and will not have to train again until 2025. 


3. I'm on leave

You are not required to train while you are on sabbatical or another type of leave. Your training assignment will reappear on your STARS All Learning Page upon you return from leave. You will be required to complete the training within 30 days of returning to work, or by the due date specified on your STARS email notification.


4. I'm Emeritus faculty

Emeritus faculty on recall status must complete AB1825 training (recalled to active duty), even if they work less than full time.


5. I trained this year at another California institution

Faculty, academic staff, employees, and postdocs will not receive credit at Stanford for a comparable course completed for another employer. Much of the course content is specific to Stanford, and is not covered in non-Stanford courses that meet the general requirements of AB1825 and SB1343. For example, Stanford’s course meets federal guidelines concerning sexual violence that impacts the student community.


6. I recently completed the course for Academic Staff

If you are faculty or if you supervise staff, you are required to take a different course. Please contact the SHARE Harassment Prevention Education Team: or 650.725.0646, to consult.


7. I recently attended classroom training for new employees

These sexual harassment briefings are for new non-teaching, non-supervisory staff. They do not satisfy California's AB1825 requirement for supervisors. If you have been identified as a supervisor, you must comply with the AB1825 training requirement for supervisors.


8. I trained this year at the VA Hospital

Unfortunately, VA harassment prevention training does not comply with California law regarding sexual harassment prevention training. Stanford faculty who have appointments at the VA must complete Stanford’s supervisor training program to receive credit under the state mandate.


9. I recently attended Respectful Workplace training (SoM)

The SoM Respectful Workplace Workshop or similar courses may have content related to this program, but still does not exempt you from this requirement as it does not specifically comply with the AB1825 state training mandate.


10. I recently completed the NCAA mandated training (DAPER)

The NCAA mandated course may have content related to this program, but still does not exempt you from the state mandated AB1825 sexual harassment prevention and discrimination education course. For information about the NCAA education mandate, please contact DAPER at


11. I will be working at Stanford temporarily

Even if you are a temporary employee, if you have been identified as a supervisor you still must complete this training program. Since this is a requirement related to your job responsibilities, you are to be paid for the time you spend completing this training. Please contact if you have questions.


12. I will retire before my training due date

Per assignment policy, you are still an active faculty member, or an active supervisory employee. You should proceed to complete the Harassment Prevention for Supervisors and Faculty course. Please contact the SHARE Harassment Prevention Education Team: or 650.725.0646, if you require further assistance.


13. I work less than full-time

Even if you work less than full time, you need to take the AB1825 harassment prevention training course if you supervise.

14. I need MCLE or HCRI credit

You may receive MCLE credit for the Faculty and Supervisor Live Workshops (currently on hiatus).  The online course qualifies for HRCI credit. Please contact the the SHARE Harassment Prevention Education Team to make the necessary arrangements: 650.725.0646.