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SHARE Title IX Announcements

We have heard numerous reports of concern about the messaging in White Plaza around acts of sexual violence connected with the events in Israel and Palestine; and we understand that exposure to these messages can be triggering for those who have experience with sexual misconduct. 


For those impacted and needing support, please visit this site or continue to reach out to the SHARE Title IX Office directly. The Confidential Support Team and YWCA are also available to support anyone affected.

Concerned Friend, Colleague or Family Member

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You may be the first to know about possible sexual violence or harassment impacting your friend, family member, or colleague at Stanford. Perhaps you realize a situation is harmful even before your friend sees it that way. How you respond can significantly impact their experience and recovery.

If you think the behavior is or could become sexual harassment, you might want to discuss the situation with an objective third party. You may contact the SHARE Title IX Office to learn about the options and resources available at Stanford for you and for the person you are concerned about.

For support and help with situations involving relationship abuse, sexual assault, or other sexual violence, please consult Stanford's Sexual Violence Support & Resources website.

Contact us

Concerns about sexual harassment, please contact the SHARE Title IX Office:

Questions about Education and Prevention (Training):

For compliance questions, technical issues, and eligibility concerns, please submit a SHARE Education ServiceNow Request


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