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Non-Supervisory Employees, Academic Staff, and Postdocs

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The 2024 Harassment Prevention Training for Non-Supervisory Employees, Academic Staff, Postdocs, and Contingent Employees will launch on March 21, 2024. Note that 2024 is a Sexual Harassment Prevention (SB1343) retrain year for all non-supervisory employees (including contingent employees), academic staff, and postdocs. The due date for those who are retraining this year is September 30, 2024. Newly hired employees, new postdocs, and contingent employees will have the required 30-day due date from the hire/start date.

People who need to take this course

All staff who do not supervise other staff or students

Non-Supervisory staff includes:

  • Employees who do not supervise the work of others
  • Research or academic staff who do not supervise the work of others
  • Lecturers (NOTE: Senior Lecturers are required to complete the course for supervisors)
  • Adjuncts
  • Instructors
  • Postdocs
  • Visiting faculty/fellows/scholars
  • Teaching assistants
  • Course assistants
  • Casual employees*
  • Temporary employees*
  • Student employees*

Do not take this course if you are a faculty member or a new supervisor.

*The non-contingent employee population (including casuals, Stanford temporary employees, and student employees) has been migrated to the even-year retraining cycle as of 2024. 

Registration information

Course Code: SHP-2024

How to Register

Register now

Use this Express Link to launch SHP-2024.

Tips on how to use Axess:

Course information

Style: Online
Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours

When to take this course

Staff must complete the SHP-2024 online program by their assigned due date. Non-supervisory employees will be required to complete a course every two years (for Stanford it’s every even-numbered year).

Completion certification

Your STARS training history will be updated within 2 days to show that you have completed the course. To print your certificate of completion, please login to your STARS All Learning Training record and "relaunch" the Harassment Prevention training to select "Print Certificate of Completion".

California Law SB1343

This California legislation mandates state-wide sexual harassment training for all non-supervisory employees. Learn more about SB1343