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SHARE Title IX Announcements

We have heard numerous reports of concern about the messaging in White Plaza around acts of sexual violence connected with the events in Israel and Palestine; and we understand that exposure to these messages can be triggering for those who have experience with sexual misconduct. 


For those impacted and needing support, please visit this site or continue to reach out to the SHARE Title IX Office directly. The Confidential Support Team and YWCA are also available to support anyone affected.

Conversation Circles about Sexuality, Intimacy, & Relationships

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Most of us learned growing up that sex and sexuality are taboo. A common message we get is, “Don’t talk about it.” Not being able to talk about it, though, can be a serious impediment to our relationships! --with friends, partners, parents, and hookups.

These topics might feel unwieldy or even dangerous to broach, which is why it helps to create a container that fosters thoughtful dialogue and sharing at a level that each individual can choose to engage in.

That’s why we made this guide. In this PDF, you’ll find all the instructions you need to hold a conversation circle on the topics of sexuality, intimacy, and relationships. Invite some friends or a group you’re a part of to participate. Then choose from a list of thought-provoking questions to explore together. In the circle itself, you’ll get essential practice in expressing yourself and listening to others. This builds relationships and helps us grow.

Remember that this is unfamiliar territory to most of us, so a lot of people struggle to find the language (and courage) to share their honest responses. It’s worth the effort! The more you practice, the better you’ll get. In the process, you’ll build a skill that most people don’t have, which you can then support in others.

Tell us how it goes! We’d love to hear from you.

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