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SHARE Title IX Announcements

DUE DECEMBER 1, 2023: Faculty & Supervisor Sexual Harassment Prevention (AB1825) training. Learn more about the supervisor/faculty online SHP training by clicking here.


Update: The non-contingent employee population (including casuals, Stanford temporary employees, and student employees) will be migrated to the even-year retraining cycle for 2024. Contingent employees who completed the sexual harassment prevention training in 2021 are required to complete a bridge course in 2023 to comply with the State mandate.

Education and Outreach

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Undergraduate students lead a Consent and Communication workshop with peer educators.

Education and Outreach Programs

Programs, projects, and events to increase awareness about sexual and relationship violence, stalking, sexual harassment, and gender-based discrimination for the Stanford community.

Involvement Opportunities

Are you interested in joining the movement to end sexual and relationship violence, stalking, sexual harassment, and gender-based discrimination? Check out the on-campus and off-campus ways in which you can lend support. 

Learn by Topics

Gain knowledge about issues regarding harm, and ways to build consent in our community. Review and download sexual harassment prevention informational flyers. Understand holistic sexuality, know the root causes of violence, and recognize concerning behaviors to take action in your community. 

Updates from SHARE

Read our newsletter, learn how COVID-19 impacts sexual/relationship violence, and understand our commitment to a campus free from violence and harassment.

Sexual Citizenship

It is our commitment as a community to develop our sexual citizenship: develop positive sexuality and end inequities that result in sexual and relationship violence, stalking, gender discrimination, and sexual harassment.